Affordable LED Cloud Lamps

Affordable LED Cloud Lamps

  • mnathan
  • November 27, 2016
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15241949_10157805493575704_751953473279849459_nIf you haven’t seen the Smart Cloud, created by Richard Clarkson, then go and watch the video. We’ll wait.

Did you see how amazingly awesome it is??

Unfortunately, it’s also amazingly expensive at just under $3,400 US.

The Smart Cloud is so cool though, that we thought everyone deserved to have one. So we decided to create a cloud lamp that was both safe and affordable.

We think our cloud lamps could be great for people with depression and anxiety because they are very calming and tranquil to look at. We hung our first batch over a bed and lay under them memorized and peaceful.

Our future goals involve transforming our cloud lamps into autism sensory lighting.