We’re sister entrepreneurs and mood lighting is our jam.

Operating out of our homes in Edmonton, Canada, we decided to try making cloud lamps that light up after seeing the amazing Smart Cloud (which you can buy if you have a spare $3300).

What we came up with is a beautiful and safe cloud light version… that practically anyone can afford.

Our cloud lights are made with lamp shades, high-quality polyester fiber and LED lights. There are NO moving, electrical, hot components, or cords in our lamps.

Personally, we think our lights would be great for anyone with depression and anxiety (like us) because they are incredibly calming and tranquil to look at.

Lastly, we think our cloud lights would be excellent as an addition to an autism sensory room and we are currently looking at ways to offer a more permanent installation.

Here’s how you can get your hands on our unique LED cloud lamps:

  • You can pick up at our west-end Edmonton location.
  • Or, we can deliver to you in Edmonton and surrounding areas (for a $10 fee).
  • Or, we can ship to you anywhere in Canada (you pay the shipping costs).

To order:

Email us your order at ledcloudlamps@gmail.com.


Text us your order at 780-915-3557.


We accept payment via Interac Email Transfer or PayPal.



Sizes and Pricing:

  • $49 per non-remote, one color only cloud lamp
  • $99 per remote control, all color capable cloud lamp
  • $119 per lamp with Swarovski Crystal “rain drops” and hearts – remote controlled
  • $149 for custom cloud lamps (Mario, Hello Kitty, Beatles etc) – remote controlled
  • Custom sizes, colors and packages also available. Just ask!

Thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon!